Make your own Automatic Rain Water Drinking Center ---Tons of Photos!

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    The Amazing Automatic Rain-Water Chicken Coop Drinking Station & emergency drinking water source!

    Thats right... No More cleaning that NASTY MOLDING GREEN 5 gallon watering bottle with th red plastic bottom!
    No More Hauling around that heavey bottle all the way out to the coop for me! EVER AGAIN!

    How to make an automatic rain water chicken drinking station & emergency water source.

    First you need a Big HONKIN pickle barrel.
    don't forget to wash it out with blech and a hose several times!

    Rip off the two part lid and cut your filling and venting holes.

    Next, with all that chicken wire YOU SAVED after building your coop,
    make a 2-ply coated chicken wire disk and fit it in side top of lid cap.
    ( this will keep your screen from ripping when the rain POURS.)

    Next make a 2-ply aluminum window screen cap and wrap it around the chicken wire cap and fold screen under...
    Use pilers and a hammer to make it flat and "waffer thin".

    Next flip your filter disk "screen Up" and dont forget to use a Sharpy to mark on the screen where your holes are.
    (You will NOT be able to see them through the screen when installed on the barrel.)

    Re-assemble the lid ring and the cap.

    Next spend the next 3-4 hours installing a rain gutter on you chicken coop.
    I used the rest of my aluminum screen to make a cover on top of the rain gutter... An agonizing process.
    (BUT...I hate cleaning out rain gutters even more! Not gonna do it...)

    Add some gravel, a few cinder blocks, the modified barrel, and a flexi-drain.
    (Notice, I wrapped the end of the "flexi-drain" with more screen and Zip-tied it, to keep bugs out)

    Next add a hose spicket, so you can hook up a garden irrgation hose for the garden or to fill up water buckets to be purified for drinking water in an emergency. In case of a desaster, You will need a powerful water purifier if you want to drink from this source.
    (We have a "Royal Berkey". Yes, it is awesome!)

    Use 3/4' pvc pipe and fixtures to make Chicken drinking center.

    And. . . Finally get "chicken nipples" ($2 each) delivered in the mail with perfect timing and install them...

    Next... wait for rain. [​IMG]

    Don't forget 4 table spoons of bleach every month or so to keep things pure.
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    Mar 11, 2011
    THIS IS SO COOL!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Thanks I am making it I already have the barrel!

    I saw your MY PAGE all I can say is OH MY GOSH you are AMAZING!!!! [​IMG]
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    Really cool! I wanted someone else to do this before we tried. Thanks for sharing!
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    You are a genius!!!!, Thanks for sharing [​IMG]
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    I am just glad my post helps...
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    Great set up. I have been thinking about mine for the last year. I can't wait to finally get mine set up. Only thing is, mine won't have the nipples. I'm not a big fan of those.
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    I have to do this!
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    Jun 12, 2008
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    Thanks for sharing!! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Ok... now I am curious... what are thinking of using in there place...?

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