making a chicken feather pillow?


5 Years
Mar 4, 2014
i was thinking about doing this. does it work as well as duck or goose?

my main concern is how to prepare the feathers to be put into the pillow so they wont go rotten or something like that
Hi I've been wanting to try too
Maybe freeze to kill any bugs
Goose or duck down should work
I was just going to use down as oppose to big feathers
Thought I'd try a small pillow first maybe mix some lavender in it
Feathers won't work too well. The shafts are too stiff and it won't be very comfortable. You can freeze to kill the bugs. I have read of that, but I think another thing that can be done is to put the down in a big plastic garbage bag and add a coarse salt to it. Hold it closed with a bunch of air in it - inflated like a balloon. then shake it up really good. The salt will clean the feathers off.

You will need to use a really good fabric, feather ticking if you can find it. You need a really tight weave to prevent the feathers/down from poking through.

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