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    I invited a coworker to my house a couple weeks ago for a get together and told him we'de throw a burger or two on the grill, he said great and said he'd bring his two girls and female friend over, I said great it's a plan. Well the day came and he said his girls ages 8 and 12 grumbled and gave him a hard time about coming over on their drive here, on their way here he told them you can meet the chickens he has, they said, whatever...Well, they visited and the girls were like whatever till I asked them if they wanted to meet the hens, they looked at me like ok I'll play along. I told them not to chase or scare the hens and gave them the container of scratch and tossed a handful or two. When they saw the hens run for the scratch their eyes started to light up and all of a sudden we couldn't pull them away from the run...after a while they heard the hens making the bawk bawk noise and asked what was wrong with the chickens, I said, they just laid an egg, they ran to the coop to see if I was just kidding, well they came running back and handed their dad an egg and said, dad feel how warm this egg is and ran back to the run and sat on two buckets I had setting there full of scratch. After about a half hour we heard another bawk bawk and again they ran back with a warm egg in hand and big smiles on their faces and told dad, can we get chickens, we want chickens. Dad kind of looked at them with a grin and said, sure as soon as you take care of the dog you have now..they kind of looked at me with that dad is just saying that to shut us up, so I pulled the, I'm gonna make your kids hate you phrase and said, I'll tell you what, winter is coming so it's a bad time to raise chicks, but come spring I'll hatch a bunch of chicks just for you... their eyes lit up, they looked at dad and he nodded and said you heard him, they both ran back to the coop and we didn't hear from them for 2 the time they left the girls came up to me and said, thank you in advance for hatching us chicks next summer.. It's so nice to think that you can still teach kids that food is not made in the supermarket and actually comes from the ground and animals and is actually fun watching them enjoy it... [​IMG]
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    Apr 20, 2011
    that's awesome!
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    That is amazing! My daughter is still alittle frightend after one of our roos jumped up and bit her arm when she was walking away from the coop. (He should be in freezer camp but I just dont have the heart...) But shes learning to trust the hens again. She is only three and I cant wait for her to see that first egg from my pretty ladies [​IMG] She will be soo excited!! I remember the day we brought them home from TSC and her little eyes just lit up!. I have never owned chickens or ducks(Which we also have two of [​IMG]) But man it has been the one of the best things Ive ever done! (And thats with me being terrified of them and no eggs yet. Lol btw Im no longer scared of my hens and one roo named Pleklie.) I just love sitting out in the back yard watching them. Feeding them watering them.. Making sure they are healthy.. Its wonderful!
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    That is really awesome! Thank you very much for sharing that story. (I was sitting here grumpy as heck about several things and this story made me smile!!).

    I hope they take care of their dog and get their chicks. They should start reading up now on how to introduce dogs and chickens. [​IMG]
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    Very cool!
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    that is an amazing story! [​IMG]
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    It is amazing, every child that has visited here has fallen in love with the chickens, now they all say can we go see grandpa or John and see the chickens...I love it... [​IMG]
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    That is so sweet! [​IMG]
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    Quote:I love your avatar, I have the same scale!!
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    What a great story! Working well on my grand kids as well and they are thrilled to even be able to help clean poo out of the coop [​IMG]

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