Making A Fully Automatic Incubator

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  1. robdog

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    Main Question:
    for the Sensor and the Humidity Controller
    and hooking it up to
    as the humidity raiser
    Will This Work?

    In theory making a cabinet incubator out of a wine cooler
    Putting the heat source and humidity maker at the bottom with 2 fans blowing the warm moisture air higher and the humidity controller and temperature controller at the top so it shows a the main temperature and humidity overall.
    Also have egg turners in the middle.
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  2. robdog

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    May 13, 2012
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    Sounds good let me know how you like your humidity set up I am thinking about making an incubator myself
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    Apr 1, 2016
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    I had the EXACT same thought myself but had to build a hatcher with a very limited time schedule and couldn't improvise. Please let us know if you go this route!
  5. robdog

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    I have bought 2 automatic egg turner for cheap and a 3rd for parts... $10 got me a whole lot
    Im probably going to order off the parts this week and have my brother build me a box instead of a wine cooler.
  6. robdog

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    Box is almost done ^^ few days ago.
    There's going to be a maximum of 4 egg turners which means either around 160 chicken egg match or 480 quail egg max. lotta eggs about to go in here eventually.
  7. robdog

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    Sorry for not keeping up into this thread...
    Me and my dad did the wiring for the last 2 days and everything seems to work just fine. All the sensors are there and everything starts up right. All that's left is to seal the edges, cracks, and holes and get a few good latches for it along with a handle.
    Will post pictures soon

  8. robdog

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    Done and in working condition.
    The humidity works perfectly fine I just need a bowl and a little plan to figure out how to to not let it make a mess.

    The heat is staying at the bottom, theres already a fan in there to push the air up at a angle but the bottom half will get to 120* Degrees x( while the top stays at a perfectly 90-93*Degrees
    How should I get the heat to go up. and even out throughout the entire incubator???

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