MAKING a hen go broody?


6 Years
Jun 12, 2013
Mobile, Alabama
So I've been wondering, could I MAKE one ofe my hens broody?
The three breeds I have are Australorp, barred rock, americauna, and one mix breed that isn't even laying yet. I want to get my spring hatch on, but my bator is full and I'm not really into WAITING for one of my girls to go broody! I want to get her broody asap, I've tried letting their eggs pile up in the nest boxes, until one of them thinks they have enough to set, but this didn't work , the eggs were in there 2 weeks, and it was just a waste of eggs, however, I did manage to fit two of them in the incubator, though only one is developing. :/
But how can I force one of my girls into broodiness?
Thanks in advance.
Hens go broody when their genetics and instincts trigger the hormonal change to tell them they need to set. They cannot control it and neither can you. Many hens never go broody, ever, even if they are a breed commonly considered to be a broody one.

There are exceptions to this, as I had a hatchery RIR (most likely a production red) go broody the first time when she was three years old. My Orpingtons have gone broody, both the lavenders and both Buff Orps. A couple of my Easter Eggers have gone broody. A bantam Cochin mix has gone broody several times in her two years. That's out of fifty some hens.

Those people who say they have "made" their hens go broody have been lucky in timing their efforts with their hens' naturally rising hormone levels.

I know many folks who have never had a broody hen, and they've tried.

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