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Mar 7, 2012
Western New York
Our coop sit among a small forest of tall pine trees. The ones whose branches start very high up the tree. The run is enclosed because of predators, neighboring dogs and because of the town property next to us. We were thinking about using tall chicken wire to cord off a section of land/trees around the run so they can roam during the day. In a semi-heavily wooded area with super high branches, are they likely to try to fly out? Here is a pic that kinda gives you an idea of the space and the far end of the run where the coop is... It was originally taken because of the t-rex sized woodpecker.

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Jun 7, 2011
Taylors, SC
I would venture that they won't fly over a 4 foot fence, if they are in plenty of space. (Whatever that is.) Mine forage daily, 10 chickens, 3/4 acre with 4 foot fence. They have not flown out.

Their run is 16 x 20 with a 6 foot fence. The rooster flew out once or twice, but he was standing on this plaything I had put in the run. I took it out, no repetition.

I have many large shrubs and bushes around and about for shelter from raptors. The hawks come by all the time, but have left empty-handed.


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