Making Biochar Inside Chicken Coop

Palestinian Farmer

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Oct 21, 2018
Hi all,

- Charcoal is great for chickens

- Charcoal is great for the coop

- Charcoal+Deep litter method=Biochar+compost=vegetable garden

- to make charcoal there are two main methods:
1) the first you use 1 barrel and after the fire catches you close the lid to cut off oxygen, some of the used material will burn off and turn into ash, but that’s not a problem because ash is good for both the chickens and the garden.
2) the second method you put a smaller barrel that is filled with the material you wish to convert into charcoal, inside a larger barrel that you will sit a fire in and is filled with material that will burn to ashes.

- The problem is, that I hate wasting fire in the process of making charcoal, so I’m thinking of ways to make use of that fire/heat, for example I can cook over it as in TLUD ovens, or I can.....

- ....make the charcoal inside the chicken coop which will provide warmth for the chickens, but the question is how can I do it safely? I need design ideas.


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