Making good yeast bread a tip

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    Use the red heat lamp you have in your chick brooder. Clean it good then suspend it about 2 ft above your work surface. Set your bread bowl and all your dry ingredients under the lamp to warm up while you get it all together. Proof your yeast, get it started in a bowl with milk and sugar, I use honey, under the heat lamp but slightly to one side. You don't want to cook your yeast. In 5 to 10 minutes you should have a bowl of bubbling brown yeastiness.

    Do as much of your work assembling your bread under the lamp as you to keep everything warm and the yeast happy. When you set your dough to rise put it slightly to one side as you did your yeast bowl unless your house is really cool. Cover your dough with a damp cloth to keep the surface from drying out.

    With the lamp keeping everything consistently warm, you should have much better success with yeast breads. I've even had loaves I thought failed to rise grow beautifully round when just covered with a damp cloth and left under the lamp. I use this method to make great laves in teh dead of winter while bundled in a sweater and wool socks.
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    We have an older stove where the pilot lite stays on constantly and I proof bread in it It's very helpful to have!

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