Making incubator from cooler?


10 Years
Jun 4, 2009
I have a beach cooler with heating function, it is quite large, more than large enough to fill my needs.
My question is, can it be done? What would I need?

It is a quite standard beach cooler, made of hard plastic interior and a removable top which holds the heating/cooling elements. It can heat or cool the interior to about 20 degrees Celsius (68F) higer/lower than air temperature. Indoor temperature is around 68F or higher during summer, I don't plan to use it during winter.

I would obviously need to connect a thermostat and put in moisture and temperature meters.

It is very much like this one.

Could this be easily and cheaply done by someone who knows their way around electronics? Figure I'll ask my hubby to help if it's not too much work.
There are a number of threads on here with step by step instructions on how to do it.

Do a search.

There are some awesom examples... especially Miss Prissy's.

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