Making or buying Organic chicken feed?


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I'm working on making organic chicken feed. I have found several reciepies online but where do I find all the ingredients? Help? I'm searches buying it but it is costly and shipping is outragious. My local store can't order it and driving to a store who does is many hours drive. Anyone have any tips.
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Keep looking. It took me a long time to find someone close enough to make it worthwhile. I searched on the internet for weeks, and finally found someone within 15 minutes of me. Price per pound was close among most of them, but like you said, shipping will kill you, especially if you go through a lot of feed. I kept doing searches and following links until I found a name and phone number. The only other info was that they were a distibutor of Fertrell organic feed. I called, and sure enough, he said he could grind/mix any size batch of feed I wanted. It was still $0.48/pound, but being able to pick it up, made it not so bad.

Keep looking and you will most likely find an farmer somewhere close that can hook you up.

Also ETA: Where are you located?
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I am in Southwestern Ohio, close to Greenville. If I head due West, I can be in Union City, IN/OH in less then 30 minutes.

I'll do some checking and see if I can find someone in your area. What is the closest city to you that is on a map?

Is $0.48 a pound an amount you are willing to pay for organic feed?
Here is a list of possible people in Indiana:


Brown Family Farm, 8983 State Rte 18, Montpelier, IN 47539 (765) 728-2133

Country Corner Greenhouse, 8440 N 550 E, Marshall, IN 47859 (765) 597-4637 FT

Endless Journey Farm, Rte 2 Box 348, Bloomfield, IN 47424 (812) 384-3867 FD, FT

Gordon Dotson, 2919 N 9th Street Rd, Lafayette, IN 47905 (765) 742-5111 FD, FT, DS

Jerry’s Organic Supplies (Jerry E Miller), 54896 CR 43, Middlebury, IN 46540 (574) 825-3787

Long Lane Farm, Feed & Supplies, 7629 US 27 N Williamsburg, IN 47393 (765) 847-2864. [email protected] FD, FT, DS

Organic Matters, 6118 Randall Lane, Mt. Vernon, IN 47620 (812) 985-2507 FT

Ripberger Farms, 5199 E 50 N, Kokomo, IN 46901 FD, FT

Sherwood & Evard , 4540 South Old State Rd 37, Bloomington, IN 47401 (812) 361-5816

David Zimmerman, 63811 CR 3 S, Elkhart, IN 46517 (574) 862-2247 FD, FT, DS

If you exhaust this list, you will find someone close to you.
Wow, thank you so much. I also work at a Montessori school and I'm the chicken lady there as well. I've only taken this venture on since April. I love it!!! I have 28 layers at home and 12 at school. Since the school is all about natural and organic to help kids grow naturally this is the natural progression of the feed. Thank you so much.

Now these people make their own feed and sell it? Or do they supply the ingredients?
You'll have to call them and see. They are all distributors of Fertrell products. The one I found was a farmer who had the ablity to grind, mix, and bag feed. I'm sure it will depend on who you call. On the list, the ones with FD after them are the ones who have feed. Start calling them and I'm sure you will find out quiclky. The guy I called was very nice. I chatted with him for over 20 minutes. He raised layers and broilers and it was really great talking to with him about his operation.

Let me know how it turns out.

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