Making Progress - Lots of before and after pics

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  1. egzactly

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    Apr 26, 2010
    Update: Our chicks moved in 2 weeks ago and we've been continuing construction as time allows. Our recent improvements include a rock/wire barrier all around the coop, coop trim to cover the screws and washers, nesting boxes, roosts with slide out dropping boards, sand run floor, and hanging food and water containers. We still need to add the outside access for the nesting boxes, windows, and a cleaning door. There will eventually be an interior wall and roof for the coop, but the plan is to keep it all open for the summer. It's already high 90's here, so ventillation is very important.

    2 weeks ago before trim

    with trim

    interior before

    with roost and nesting box

    roost close-up. Dropping boards slide out.

    nesting box with perch

    rock barriers and wire underlayment

    I've been using padlocks, but I found this interesting little hitch which fits nicely in the hasp.
  2. Yolk Yolk

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    May 28, 2010
    That's a good looking coop....painted and everyting. You're spoiling those birds! [​IMG] I like the rocks to rinse into. Great idea.

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