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    Another thought on 'rooster wear'...some bird just have more brittle feathers and they will break easily.
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    I want that one.

    I didn't read back to find the source of the comment that initiated Aart's response re: rooster wear and brittle feathers. But I'd love to share my experience. Last season, I had a number of bare back girls. The worst by far was my Pioneer gal. She was one of Jack's favorite hens. She was an early layer, and cranked out a lot of huge eggs. Her feathers were a mess. Even her wing feathers had a lot of broken and brittle shafts. In spite of that, I let her play in the gene pool. All of her daughters were beautiful, and early layers of nice quality eggs. The dtrs have beautiful feathers. Well, Pioneer Mama molted last fall, and she now has a luxurious coat of feathers. No sign of wear. Jack now has 24 girls to cover, so his attentions are spread a bit thin. So, my rambling thoughts go like this: Hen feather issues could be: poor rooster technique, over breeding, hen putting all of her energy into laying so feather quality suffers, parasites, or genetics. For my own flock, I'm leaning towards #2, and #3. When all of the "they say" crowd suggest that a rooster can only successfully cover 10 hens, I'll counter that statement with a question. What is the goal for the flock? If it's only to keep a rooster around so that you can have successive generations of chicks, one rooster is sufficient. If you have a group of hens you want to hatch from, isolate that roo for a few days, then put him in with your favored hens. He'll gladly ensure that all of THOSE eggs are fertile. It's a rare event that I crack an infertile egg, even with him covering 24 gals, and it is still winter.
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    Well I think the overall theme is I NEED MORE HENS!!!!! that works for me!!!! Yes!!!!
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    [​IMG] (LOL) That's my issue, too. Luckily I only have one with some broken feathers, but would rather have no broken feathers! By the end of the year I should have a good ratio - with one less cockerel and lots more girls.
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    Last October, recovering from over mating and a really bad molt.
    Just recently.
    There are plenty of others with worn spots now tho
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    And yes you need more chickens, dont we all :)
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    What kind of hen is that?
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    Golden laced Wyandotte. I have silvers too.
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    Well, I didnt get anything done today..... My fault. I was just to sedatary... dang it. I have chicken in the crock pot.... first slow cooking in hard rootbeer and now its in the oven shredded with bbq sauce.. have no ideas what I am going to serve with it.. mac n cheese... rice.... green beans... all possibilities.. I am hating not having my car running. I keep thinking about the supplies I need for our run and for a nice coolerbator.... my incubator is on... I have it at over 24 hours at 102 degrees... still too high for the quail eggs the farmer want to give me to hatch for her.. It will happen and I did warn her that it takes me a bit to stabilize the temperature. Checked on the birds, think it is time for another handfull of oystershell to be thrown around. I took a close look and it seems I have a few going through a slight molt ontop of everything else. Got caught up on bills which always feels good and bad. My seed packets are still staring at me. My tortoises are happy with fresh bedding, water and a cantelope for a treat. I feel defeated trying to save money for land when the extras never end...... I swear, I havent had new under clothes for two years straight now... but I have somewhat productive, smart and loving children... somewhat. Hope you guys have an amazing night.

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