Making your bed


6 Years
Mar 15, 2013
Just a funny question, does anyone else's emu make themselves a bed ? My Ella puts himself to bed at about 8.00 every night in my horse barn and if the floor has been swept out he will knock a few flakes of hay down off the bales and sleep on them, also there is sometimes a pile of small rag blankets on the work bench and if those are there Ella will knock one of those down and lay on it. My barn is attached to my house, so I hide in the mud room and watch him do these funny things.
All of my Emus love bedmaking. I just put a load of hay ( home made ) put it in the area where they sleep..... like a shot they go on and scatter it neatly making their beds..... their loo is on other side of shed, never mess in bed lol..what other Animal is so sensible ??

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