Making your coop. "Predator proof"


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Apr 22, 2014
I only have chicks right now and i would like to know how to make your coop safe before i end up losing my chickens due to predators, any comments are appreciated


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Welcome to BYC!

X2 on using hardware cloth. Never use chicken wire on the outside of any run or coop. It can be chewed thru very easily by the night time predators. Make sure nothing can dig underneath anything, or climb on top and get in. If you use 1/2 inch hardware cloth, most things will be kept out with the exception of the tiniest mice. Although I have never had a mouse get thru any of my 1/2 inch cloth yet. Make sure everything is sturdy. If you can't knock it down, then generally neither can they. Build it like fort knox, use locks to lock the birds in at night and always do a head count at dusk to make sure everyone is in the coop. Lock it behind you and they should be safe.

Here is a page from our learning center on the different predators that might help you out...

Good luck on this new adventure and welcome to our flock!

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