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    My first rooster Malcolm ..hand reared from2 day old chick hes blue orpingtonnow 6months old and he has found his voice ...BIG TIME he starts crowing in the coop which he shares with 5 hens at 5am even though it doesn't get light until 7am at this time of year.Crows every 15 secs we timed him is this normal have bought and received no crow rooster collar tried to refit 4 times ..hes got it on now and so far so quiet...but hes such a feathery fuzz ball it may not work any thoughts advice welcome ps although hes 6months old now my 1 year old hens are still bullying him hes not mating with them he spends most of his time escaping from them
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    The crowing is very normal for a rooster, although some crow alot, and others don't. They do practice at first and develop their sound. It's funny. I had a rooster that only went "Cock-a-doodle". Left off the end of the typical cock-a-doodle-doo. LOL

    Your roo is young yet, and pretty soon, he'll be bigger and stronger than the hens and you'll see him mating. Don't worry about that, it just takes time. It could be another few months, but you'll see.

    My lastest rooster is a lavender Orpington. I bought him in the summertime. He was a few months younger than the pullets I have right now. And I had the pullets since they were chicks. Anyhow, I kept them separate for a while, so they could see eachother, but no touching. Then after a few weeks, I let them free range together, but they slept in separate quarters. The young roo was allowed to sleep in my storage area of the coop. After a few weeks of free ranging together, I made him sleep with the girls. They picked on him a little, but not much really.

    Now, he's a big boy and he crows and mates with them. He's a gentleman though. He shows them when he finds food and lets them eat first, and he's watches over them. He's a very good rooster. I plan on keeping him until he passes of old age.

    Take care! Let him crow if it's not to annoying. I love the sound!
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    the same happened to me, i got 6 sexlink adult hens first, then got a young roo, the girls would not let him out of the coop and if he tryed or i put him out they beat him up, last week he started to crow, yes all times of night and day, then he went out and bred all the hens like there was never a problem, hes in charge now, good luck
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