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    We've been letting our hens out of their pen the past few nights to roam the summer garden a few hours before dark. We have noticed that they have become very dissatisfied being in their pen, which should be ample,100 sq ft for 4 Wyandottes. They have become noisier, unruly & more aggressive toward each other. They try to push their way out whenever the gate is opened & spend much of their time checking the fencing for weaknesses. In trying to give these gals a break I fear we've created 4 unruly monsters. Has anyone else found this to be true?
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    Yes, mine did the same thing. But they eventually learned that about 4:00 I would show up and let them out. The rest of the day they are ok with me going in and out for eggs and bringing them treats, but let the afternoon come and they are ready at the door! If I let them out earlier, they lay all over the place.
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    Thanks! Can't have these girls becoming loud & obnoxious every time they don't get to romp in the garden. They're only getting to go in there for cleanup detail, it won't be an every day occurrence. I may have to rethink this.

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