Male duck has killed duckling is this normal what should i do HELP

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  1. cat1994

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    Sep 12, 2010
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    I let my duck hen sit on some eggs and saw my male duck kicking the eggs out of the nest (is this normal?[​IMG]) so i put a cage over her to keep him away, when they hatched i let her and the baby (only one made it [​IMG] ) out and the male duck seemed to be fine with it but i came back and saw him kill the baby right in front of me [​IMG] the female duck tried to save the baby, it was so horrible
    is this normal for male ducks to kill their babies?
    what can i do to stop him?
    help me plaese im so sad and shocked right now i cant think [​IMG][​IMG]
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  2. exoticduckluvr

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    Jan 23, 2010
    you don't say what kind of ducks you have but mine are Exotics and some the males share nesting duties and all are fierce protectors of the ducklings
  3. sourland

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    The next time she goes broody, remove the drake from the pen. Do not introduce him to the ducklings until they are grown. He will probably exhibit the same behavior the next time she goes broody. It may be an attempt to force her to start laying so that he can get some loving. Most drakes that I have had experience with have not exhibited this behavior. Would you consider replacing him with a more sensible drake?
  4. cat1994

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    Sep 12, 2010
    Southeast MO
    Quote:Sorry exoticduckluvr the male is a big pekin duck and the female is a lil mallard hen
  5. Miss Lydia

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    My Muscovy drake would have killed his off spring in a minute, he wanted his mate back without any baggage. couldn't let him anywhere near them. Sorry that it happened to you

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