Male Or Female California Quail Chicks?


6 Years
May 15, 2015
Okay so sorry for posting this in the chickens section but this is regarding about telling the male/female difference in a baby California valley quail. So, are there any visible differences (whether the difference is prominent or slight) between a male and female baby valley quail? I haven't had any valley quails yet, but I notice that there is a pale line running along their backs (I think it's more visible on the males):

Above: Look on their backs and you can see a thin, pale-colored line running along the center of their backs that contrasts with the thicker, dark-brown line on their backs.

So how can you tell if a baby California quail is a male or female?

Thanks in advance!
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It could be a small black mark between the eye and the beak. I found that the ones with the marks were males.
I'm looking for California Quail eggs to incubate, in Vancouver BC area? Any links would be appreciated. Thanks

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