mallard vs mallard..

wny egger

5 Years
Mar 27, 2014
we have a set of wild ducks that come back every yr ..altho we have never seen any babys, they do return every yr ..well this yr it seems theres some competition for the one female ..these 2 ducks have been at each other for 2 days now ..a battle to the death it seems ..this morning I noticed a new set of ducks that had shown up /..a male and a female ..the one older set that comes back each yr and now the new set ..the males have been fighting for 2 days .I mean throwing each other around and just ripping at each others feathers ..

I see the older male retreated to the swamp with his female but the younger one got control of the baby pool the neighblor put out last yr ..I felt terrible watching these two go at it ..but mother nature has to play her role ..just wanted to share ..

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