Mallards breeding in fall?


Aug 11, 2018
Northern Nevada
I have two Mallards (a hen & a drake, which I'm aware is an unfortunate ratio) that we got in May, so they're almost five months old. They seem to get along okay - the drake is definitely acting a little jerkish (he likes to boss her around) but I've never seen them attempting to breed. The PLAN was to get some more hens next year & maybe construct a drake jail during spring for breeding season .... but now I see that our hen is starting to invite our drake to mate with her in the pool. She stretches her neck all the way out so her head is level with the water and makes a weird noise.

As far as I'm aware he hasn't mated her yet - this morning he watched this display and then chased her out of the kiddie pool so he could have splash time. :rolleyes: But now I'm worried about him overbreeding her. Is it normal for ducks to decide that fall is the ideal mating season instead of spring? Is it possible she just matured faster than he did & he won't be "ready" until it's actually spring?

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