Malpositioned chick has pipped wrong end - Please Help!


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Mar 15, 2012
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It is day 22 and I have only 3 eggs left in my incubator (the rest were infertile/died early on in the incubation). Two of the 3 have pipped, both way outside of the air cell. One I think has died; the other my boyfriend helped about 11 hours ago. What happened was that he was watching the eggs when he noticed one starting to pip in the wrong end, the egg was moving a lot so he pulled a piece of shell off and pierced a small hole where the beak was trying to get through the membrane. There was a drop of blood from the membrane. Over the next couple of hours the egg moved around a lot, but for the last 9 hours or so the egg has been still, the membrane is moving as the chick breathes. I can see the chick moving its beak inside. There is still a bit of blood in the membranes.

NOW - my question is what do I do? I have read the article about assisting malpositions ( and according to the article, when a chick pips and is malpositioned you should intervene after 8-12 hours because the chick is most likely never going to get out on its own. However, there is still some blood in the membranes of the shell, so I want to intervene as I am worried that the chick has run out of steam.

Please help!


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Dec 25, 2013
I wish I could give you some advice, but I am new to hatching myself. I just had an egg pip 24 hours after removing all the chicks that had hatched on day 21 and 22 and it pipped lower than the middle of the egg. I took the egg out to look at it and noticed movement in the membrane, then immediately replaced the egg into the incubator. Today, about 18 hours later, the chick is opening the hole larger and I can see it's beak occasionally through the broken membrane, So I am hoping it will continue to hatch on it's own. I probably won't assist unless it has not hatched out by tomorrow.

There was another post with a chick that had pipped the wrong area yesterday, if you haven't read that yet.

I wish you luck with yours!

Update, by the time I posted this, the chick has the egg shell broken around about 1/3 of the egg, in the middle!
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