Malpositioned duckling


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Sep 11, 2019
Northern England
Hi! I’ve been a long time lurker but need a bit of help. I’m hatching ducks, one of my eggs is very small, about the size of a regular chicken egg. The egg was cracked (Air sac end) so I stuck some duct tape over it and carried on. He’s now internally pipped- I removed the tape in order for him to hatch and bits of shell came off. He’s been like that for about 16 hours. He’s doing well, breathing properly and making the odd whistle. What I’m concerned about is that his head appears to be between his legs. As this egg is so small is it going to be a massive issue?
I had one like this and I eventually had to peel him out. If he is getting air I would wait a little longer before starting to peel. @Pyxis @WVduckchick . Here is a picture of one of my malpositioned. 20190812_100046.jpg

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