Mama Duck with 6 Ducklings to awesome home


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Jan 26, 2016

My mama mallard met a wild man this spring and hatch 8 little fuzz balls.

Unfortunately, snapping turtles have invaded their pond, we had to save mama from the mouth of one and they ate two babies.

I am in nAtater Ohio and would like to rehome them. The trap is on it's way but, I would not have saved her had I been home and I can not keep them all penned in my chicken run forever.

I would miss my Dawn terribly but if you have a good home with lots of water you will get one egg a day per mature female.

Please contact Connie at 330-947-3898
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You are only about 12 hours from me one way :eye roll: I think the hubby would have a fit if i spent that much on gas for ducks. Although he might be coming back from California through ohio, if so would there be a way you could meet him?

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