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10 Years
Mar 14, 2009
Ridgefield, WA
I've had my BO setting on eggs her first time. On day 17 she up and decided that she was done with it! So fortunately (?) I had another hen that had been broody for a few days and I stuck her on the nest. Tomorrow is day 20. Don't know if mama #1 was off the nest too long for the eggs to hatch, it could have been a few hours & they were cold. So if they do hatch, will mama #2 be okay with them after only 4-5 days of setting? The other concern that I have is that she is a Welsummer and I have read a lot about them being awful mothers.
Anyone have any experience with this situation or Welsummer mothers? I'm getting really nervous!
I had a Welsummer broody hatch out some breeder silkie eggs for me, and she only sat on them for 2 weeks, since I had them in the incubator for the first week.

Coincidentally, she went broody at the same time I purchased them. So I figured that she had already sat on fake eggs for one week - time to entrust her with my nice eggs.

She was a wonderful mother.
Thanks...that gives me hope that this may turn out alright.
Picked up one of the eggs this morning and held it to my ear...DEFINITELY a live chick in there!!! I want to watch that nest, but I feel that I should leave mama alone. Keeping my fingers crossed that she does the "good mother" thing.
Why do Welsummers have such a bad rep? Where does this come from? My hen has been sitting for five weeks-one on fake eggs and four on fertile eggs that did not hatch.
I'm going to try and stick some chicks under her this week.

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