Mamajewels and her 5 new Chicks!


Jan 27, 2021
Sagle, Idaho

Hello manajewels, welcome to this fast growing awsome community. Great intro and pics ❤ .
Check out the article section for some general advice and love you’re chicken for what they are.

If you want more chickens you probably need a safe large run. If you need to lock them up bc of the dogs this run is quit small already imo. And if you can have a rooster (find one that is proven to be gentle), offspring / chicks should be no problem at all.
Thank you! I appreciate your thoughts. I do plan on creating a good size run in spring time. I have always thought this coop was small, even before I inherited it 🤷‍♀️ and if I could make it happen I would have one I could easily walk into and have plenty of room to move freely while my birds are in with me.

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