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  1. Where the heck are all these predators coming from?? We have chicks inside our house - can hawks smell baby chicks even if they're inside? We've lived in this house for 2 years and I've never seen half of what we're seeing now.

    Last week we had 4 opossums in the street next to us. Earlier this week I saw a raccoon, and just about 5 minutes ago I saw this HUGE hawk right on our tree when I stepped outside to let the dog out for potty. I heard a sort of 'cawww' (long sounding) and it sounded close so I look up and there is this pure white and light tan colored hawk. It was looking at our Yorkie like it wanted to eat him!! I just said "Holy [bleep]!" really loud (shame on me) and it flew off when I yelled. I snatched up our Yorkie and brought him inside before he had a chance to go potty.
    Will hawks eat a Yorkie?? I could almost see him lickin' his chops, I swear. [​IMG]

    Surely these predatory animals/birds *must* smell the baby chicks...because we've never had anything around our house. And by the way - we live on the busiest street *inside* city limits - it's the main trafficway.
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    Is a 410 shotgun out of the question? I also have shootgun shells for my pocket 38. Ude a very diffused ( heavy spread ) ammo.
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    Hawks have very good eye sight. They could have seen your birds through a window from several hundred feet up. As for the question of will it take a toy size dog, the answer is yes.


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