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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by chick'n'weave, Jan 28, 2013.

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Our family lives in a remote area and we have a flock of 10 chickens. They have automatic waterers and feeders (several of them around the lot) and an automatic door on the coop. They have 1/2 acre fenced area and a predator-proof coop. For the first time since we've had these birds, we are going to have to be gone for 2 weeks this spring. We do not have neighbors or family that can take care of them while we're gone. Would it be best to just sell them off and start all over when we return, or keep them and hope for the best?
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    If it were me and there was ABSOLUTELY no one that I could depend upon, I would have to sell them. A lot can happen in 2 weeks, and I would worry about them daily. Are there no 4 H kids in the area?
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    Honestly? Two weeks is simply far too long for leaving a flock unattended.

    Try again to find someone to come in, even if it is every other day, and do the chores. It will need to be someone very responsible and someone you've trained well. If you cannot get someone, anyone, lined up, then Yes. I would sell off the flock, loan them out to someone, or something. Bottom line is leaving them for 2 weeks just isn't an option.
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    Are you in the US? Is there a local 4-H group or FFA near you? Those might be places to find help. Also, you could hire someone to come in every other day for those two weeks.

    Two weeks seems like a long time to not have someone check on them. They're not very independent. The biggest problem is the "what ifs." Yes, with a very large waterer (like 30 gallons) and a very full feeder (making sure there is even more feed in there than you think they need) they might be OK. But what if--there's a storm? What if--there are predators? What if--your auto door stops working and locks them in/out of the coop? What if--the nest boxes overflow and there's' broken eggs everywhere? What if--your waterer springs a leak or ceases to work and they're left without water for a week? etc. etc. etc.
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    I agree, 4-H kids can be a godsend. And you don't need someone daily, every other day or so would be alright.

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