Managing VERY Baby Chicks....and a vacation.

Andy Mussack

May 5, 2015
My wife and I are getting our first dozen (ever....we are completely new to this) baby chicks in the mail on May 18th. We were also planning on a short trip for 3 days (2 nights), leaving on the morning of May 23rd.

We have a brooder all set up (in the house) with a proper feeder, waterer, and heat lamp.

Should we get someone to check in on them?...or can we confidently leave them alone for that time?
You should be fine. The most important thing that I have experienced was water. Water...water...and more water (h20). Do you have pine shaving in the brooder? If so you may need to have someone check on them to make sure the shavings are not in the water because they will soak up the water and they will not be able to get any. I hope this helps. If you have any questions send me a message.

I'd get someone to check up on them - top up the food etc. for little ladies they sure do eat a bunch! And also to make sure the water is clear as chicdad mentioned.

*edit* I have eight. They seem to go through a feeders worth of their crumble a day. Granted some of that just gets knocked around but still.
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I would agree water is going to be your biggest problem. I would have someone check in on them at least once. It will give you peace of mind to enjoy your trip. I know I would jump at the chance to check in on some baby chicks. Find a kid you can trust. :)

Have a fun trip.
If you aren't leaving until the 23, and your chicks aren't here yet, you still have plenty of time to switch that waterer out for a small plastic container with vertical nipples. No poop in the water, no shavings in the water, no dumping the water, and no risk of a chick drowning, and one fill lasts a few days. I start mine out on vertical nipples and they get it right away.

You'll still want someone to fill feeders - they go through that fast - and make sure the heat lamp is functioning correctly and still in the position where you left it. Since you'll be gone, make absolutely certain that you've secured the heat lamp with something in addition to that clamp. Personally I don't like heat lamps and don't ever use them, but since you are you'll really want to keep them and your home safe.
Thanks for the info, everyone!

So it sounds like we should really have someone check in on them a couple times while we are gone...

We are thinking of drafting our neighbors for this. They are good trustworthy folks to take care of "The Girls" while we are gone.

Thanks again!!

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