Mandarin ducks questions


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Dec 3, 2007
Hi everyone!

I have some questions about mandarin ducks and ducks in general-

What kind of housing/run do they need?
What do ducks eat?
What is the average cost for a pair of mandarin ducks?
What is the ratio of males to females for ducks?
What is their laying cycle like (can you collect eggs from them or do they just lay like 8 eggs and go broody)?
And how tame can mandarins get (can you get them to trust you enough so you can hold and pet them like chickens, get them to eat out of your hand, etc.)?

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Housing - Full winged birds need a fenced in pen with overhead netting or they will be gone in a minute, the larger the pen, the better. They need a nest box for breeding season (1-2 boxes per pair)........some wind barriers (three sided) to go under if they wish. They do not need special housing, they won't use it.

Feed - Ordinary chicken layer pellets (+/- 15%), you could mix in some grains like whole wheat & oats. During breeding season use a game bird breeder pellet, you could also make available some oyster shell.

Cost - Around $60 a pair........average.

Ratio - 1/1

Laying cycle - Usually one clutch, 8-12 eggs. They are excellent mothers and will hatch and rear the young fine.

Temperament - Not as flighty as Wood ducks but they are a wild duck and are very difficult to tame.

They are not a migratory bird and you shouldn't need a special permit, they are a good starter bird for someone wanting to get into the wild breeds. They are winter hardy..............give them the basics....... protection from predators, proper feed, clean water and they will be happy.

Now I'm going to ask about Call ducks (another post)......

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