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7 Years
Dec 17, 2012
Hi just wanted to see if anyone on here has any tips to give about incubating mandarin duck eggs. I got 7 eggs they have been incubating for a few days and it looks like all but 2 are growing. I see blood vessels and heart beats.
Hi there,
Theres no real tips for incubating mandarin eggs.
Have the temperature set on your 37.5 degrees and humidity at 50-60% humidity and for the last three days stop turning and have humidity at 60%+.
Do use inside hydgrometers to compare readings on digital display.
Alot of people say mandarin eggs are nearly impossible to start of in an incubator but i have 5/8 silver mandarin eggs fertile in mine.

If you have any more questions i am willing to help
I have a hova bator type incubator. still air temp is set to 99.5-100.1 degrees and the humidity right now is 65%. do you know if it would be okay to put other species of duck eggs in with the mandarins, or could that hurt them in anyway?

I dont have to clip their right back toe right since they are from Asia?
That's good.
The only way they can affect eachother is if the eggs are left in there unfertile as bacteria will form.
I don't know what u mean by toe clipping ?
well all take the toe clipping as a no then if you don't know what I mean. I know that US species of migratory waterfowl, they have to have a document of proof saying they were born and raised in captivity. Must have a permit with all native US species except mallard, and a physical identity must mark each bird. by either clipping the right back toe, or pinnioning a wing.

I am curious as to what type of laws you have where your from for keeping wild type species of animals.
I'm from England.
The only law I know of is that if a bird it's not indigenous to this country they should be pinioned. I don't believe there is any law to permit the birds. I have never heard of toe clipping to mark idendity? Why wouldn't you just ring the birds with your own initials engraved ?
I bet that's nice not having such strict laws.
I am not sure I am sure people put bands on. I learned about this last summer when I got some mallards and i noticed when i got them they all had the back toe clipped and had no idea why until I looked it up. Even to sell a woodduck's eggs, even a body part such as a wing or mounted bird. a permit is needed to give to the owner from the breeder. and the breeder has to also have another type of permit that is seperate from just owning a few woodducks.
Turn wild waterfowl eggs on their sides at least 3x day. Some people spray a little warm water on them once a day after the first week to mimic the mommy duck coming back from swimming. This may also help keep humidity up. You don't need to tag them...but you can check your area laws just to make sure.
You should not put any "non-wild" duck with them, as mandarins tend to not be as pushy and may get pushed out of feed areas. Ducks such as calls etc are more aggressive and can pick on Mandys too. This is just what I've researched and have been given advice by BYCers about mandarin ducks. I love mandarins, good luck!
thank you for your advise it is very helpful just seeing what peoples different methods are.
But the best luck I have with mandarin eggs is under a broody hen until I take them out for lockdown. I haven't had good luck getting them started in my incubator...and it's a good one...but others seem to have great luck! If you find a method with good hatch rates stick to it:)

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