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5 eggs, all were moving fine when I candled on Day 23. I posted on Day 25 when I put them in the hatcher, I saw NO MOVEMENT on Day 25, everyone said not to worry, there was no room to move in the egg. Technically, Day 28 started at 10:30p last night, it is now late in the afternoon, no peeping, no movement, nothing. I have not opened the hatcher for 3 days, temp 99, humidity 65-70%. Is it time to panic? I had a bad feeling when I put them in the hatcher. Should I candle them? Raw Nerves in S.C.

This is a re-post from the egg blog, couldn't get any answers there.

Did you cool and mist the eggs starting on day 10? You need to do that with mandarins otherwise you will not have a good hatch. I did that with mine and got 4/6 mandarins to hatch, after I was told it was impossible to hatch them out in an incubator. Misting and cooling is the #1 thing that will give you a good hatch with mandarins.

Mine hatched on day 29-30, so dont worry yet.

Also, were they in a turner, an incubator that sits on a turner so the whole incubator turns, or hand turned?
Thanx Folks - would still like some more thoughts.

Yeah - they were in a HovaBator with the turner. I misted them several times daily thru the hatch, but not in the 3 days they have been in the hatcher.

That Day 29-30 thingy makes me feel a bit better. The main reason I feel dread is how active they were right up thru Day 23, then on hatcher day - nada
Hate to say this but, The hovabator turners are horrible. I was getting great hatches out of my brinsea (where the whole incubator turns). Then I tried to incubate some using the hovabator turner, out of 42 eggs, most died during incubation from the stupid turner, and only 3 hatched out. I will now either use my brinsea, or hand turn. For some reason waterfowl eggs to better hand turned, or in an incubator where the whole thing turns.

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