Mandarins in lockdown


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Apr 9, 2015
I have two Mandarin eggs at day 26. Both have drawn down since yesterday so put them into lock down, but no internal pip yet. When should they internally pip?
I have read so much about incubating Mandarins and how difficult they are I have convinced myself it will all go wrong. Not loosing enough fluid or not positioned right way!!.
There is movement and still seeing veining and fluid just under the air cell. I would have thought I wouldn't see this now at this stage as they should be filling the whole space?
I have increased humidity but now think I shouldn't have done that yet :-/
Also not sure when to decrease temp or if it isn't needed.
Ive read so much I have confused myself

Other two mandarin eggs sent later are two weeks behind. One has just failed. Veining never looked that strong and today was just a black blob :-(
Still no internal pip

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