Mandated Whitewashing?

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    According to our city ordinance, we are required to whitewash the inside of the chicken coop in order to have it pass inspection. If it isn't whitewashed...we face fines and removal of any and/or all hens in our possession. Okay...I have no problem with whitewashing the inside of the coop, let me make that perfectly clear. I'm asking this question because I'm curious, nothing more. The reason I was given was that it "controls insect populations". Chickens eat I don't see how whitewashing would benefit a chicken coop. The only thing I can think of is that they're referring to some sort of insect that chickens don't eat? If so - what would those insects be? (not sure what bugs chickens don't eat)

    Also...does it have to be "hospital/asylum white" or can it be a really pale yellow? I did call Animal Control and was transferred to the appropriate office, but they didn't know the answer to this question. He just said "quite frankly ma'am I don't know". lol

    I don't mind the ordinance...I'm just wondering why it's there.

    Thank you in advance for any helpful, constructive and productive replies. [​IMG]
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    That's a new one on me - never heard of that added to an ordinance before!

    One of the bugs chickens tend not to eat are flies, and you will find them in abundance at any chicken coop - perhaps that is what they are hoping to control. While chickens *can* eat flies - they are yummy and non-toxic - they are also fast, so chooks rarely bother. What I find is that chicks will usually get quite energetic about chasing them around to eat them but they seem to quite quickly learn that they are not worth the trouble. Adults won't go to any effort to catch and eat a fly, unless it is missing wings and crawling around on the ground making it an easy target.
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    Thank you for your reply :) Yes, I found it a strange inclusion to have in an ordinance regarding chicken coops, but I figured it was because I'm still new. I'm sure there is a very good reason for it, I just wish I knew what it was lol!

    We'll have sweet pdz and de sprinkled in the coop and I'm hoping that keeps a lot of the flies at bay (out of smell range out of mind, etc). :D
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    whitewashing (quicklime) is usually used to control things like mites and lice.
    the actual color isn't an issue. whitewash is just the name of the paint - named because once it dries it is bright white. Oldtimers did it once a year to control pests
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