Mandatory reading for chicken owners

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by gila_dog, Mar 4, 2008.

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    I think this section of BYC should be mandatory reading for all new chicken owners, and a refresher for the rest of us. Chickens are wonderful, productive, beautiful critters, and we all love them. But they are so vulnerable to predators. I have been participating in this forum for a while now, and the reports of predator loses just never stop. Even I, who have had chickens for many years, keep getting reminded of the dangers to my chickens by reading this section, and by suffering loses of my own. An owl or hawk got 3 of my hens this winter. A friend recently lost all of hers to racoons. A couple of years ago it was coyotes that got mine. Each time I strengthen my chicken fortress, but after some months go by I get lazy and sloppy and let my guard down and start letting the chickens run around in the open, or not locking them up at night. Eventually some dastardly villian nails them, and I have to start over again. And each time, I can see where I screwed up or got careless. What's the old saying, "Cheat me once, and that's your fault. Cheat me twice and that's my fault". [​IMG]
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    Vigilance and attention to detail are definitely in order to keep our birds safe. Even then, we're human and on occasion, let our guard down. Everything loves a chicken dinner, it seems. I have had no predator losses yet in the entire time I've owned chickens, but it's only my sheer luck, I suppose, since at least once, one RIR spent the night outside when she didn't come to the scratch can shaking and we neglected our usual twice over headcount. I hope when my day comes, I can forgive myself for being human. In the meantime, I read these accounts as a reminder to be more careful and watchful.
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    I, also check here everytime I visit the site. And while I don't read every thread, Just the titles are enough to remind me.

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