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which sandylands? south of P.L.P. or east of w.p.g I am south of P.L.P.
Im in Haywood 60 k southon #2 hwy . I have isa browns,black sex link.light brama, delaware,buff orpington and i have 1 large delaware rooster to give away.
Hello Fellow Manitobans! I hope you subscribe to this thread so you see my post. Have just became the proud chicken mom of ten brown leghorns, the beginning of many more chickens to come. We are turning my childrens playhouse into a coop. How do you winter your birds? I am sure there are unique needs since we drop as low as -45 here in Manitoba. Any tips? how warm does the cop have to be maintained at? Do I install a heater?
hooray, i'm not the only manitoban on BYC!! i'm looking for 4 pullets to start my backyard flock--does anyone have advice on local breeders/hatcheries? i've heard of berg's, but they have a limited variety. not 100% sure which breeds i want to go with, so i want to know what's available! i'm in winnipeg and am willing to drive a couple of hours to get the girls.

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