Manx Rumpies


13 Years
Nov 9, 2010
Is anyone breeding these besides Sandhill? Any info and pics would be greatly apreciated. Thanks.
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Thank you for posting this thread. I tried to get some Manx Rumpies from Sandhill last year, but they were unable to supply them. This is a breed I really covet.....
I have been trying for years. Greenfire farms has some McGraws that someone said had a lot of Rumpie in them. Don't know for sure though. I would like to know where they are available also.

Has anyone gotten Manx Rumpies yet? If anyone would like to know who is breeding them, send me an email and I can refer you to some breeders.
Well I don't have many rumpies but I do have quite a few rumpless cleanfaced araucana that may lay a blue egg, green egg, or even a tan egg. I am messing with color here and getting patchwork looking chicks, just don't know how it is going to affect egg color yet.

So...I'm still clinging to some hope that there are some members of BYC with Manx Rumpies... Anyone out there?
You sound like me, lol. I have been trying for a few years to get a few breeds I really wanted to work with. It's quite frustrating. Hope you find some. Good luck!

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