Many Eggs Form Inside The Chicken


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Aug 9, 2011
Do Many Eggs Form Inside The Chicken And Then Come Out One By One. And Then Take A While To Form Again And Come Out Again, Or Does One Egg Form And Come Out And Then One Egg Form Inside The Chicken And Come Out?
I think there is a strand of egg yokes or something like that and then one egg from the strand will form and come through her. And then when that one is done another one will come through the next day. I don't know to much about how that works.
It depends on the breed. Just as female humans have a certain amount of eggs that form into babies when in contact with sperm, chickens have acertain amount of eggs that turn into eggs that have the potential to turn into baby chicks if the egg came into contact with sperm.

Sorry I got a bit technical there, I am in college to be a Vet and am kind of trained to be technical.
Thanks for your replies... I can remember as a child my mother cooked a chicken and there were quite a few eggs inside the chicken, some bigger than other..only the yolk.

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