Many questions about dirt floor coop and Deep litter/pests


Mar 26, 2021
Hello again. I'm new to chickens and this site has been a Godsend for me!!
We want to convert an old shed into a coop. It has 55 square feet of floor space and is nearly 7 feet tall inside. It is a metal shed on dirt floor. I currently have 4 2-month old chicks and 7 chicks in a brooder (because chicken math). I plan to deep litter in the coop, but I think also doing deep litter in the run might be a bit much for me (and my back during cleaning).

Is it possible to do deep litter in coop and not run? What do I put in the run when the grass is gone?

I know that I need to put hardware cloth around my coop and run. I do NOT want to put it on the floor of my coop. I'm not sure if a "skirt" of hardware cloth means to bury some or leave a few inches around the outside. (Pictures would be helpful)

The main predators in my area are roaming dogs and hawks. However, EVERYTHING likes chickens, so I want to make sure my birds are protected from anything they may attract.

Thanks in advance.
Google sand on chickens coop it’s a game changer. My coop and run are entirely sand with galvanized steel mesh under the run nothing is getting in that coop! So clean no need for bedding because chickens roost I have a Nice dry warm roost for them no drafts they are so comfortable I made a video have a look I love my chickens LOL

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