Maran chick has problem with one eye


5 Years
Apr 4, 2014
Hello everyone - I'm relatively new to chicken keeping and just got my first hens this past spring. Last week, I acquired 4 new birds, reported to be two Araucaunas and two Marans. They are different ages, probably ranging from about 4-8 weeks. They came from a large barn with a variety of chickens/rabbits/turkeys/peacocks all mixed together. The conditions were not what I would consider "ideal". I do have them quarantined from my other birds.

They all seem fine,and I don't see any signs of mites or lice, although I'm not entirely sure what to look for. On of the Marans, however, has a problem with it's right eye. It appears swollen and partially closed. The chick is not sneezing or coughing or showing any other problems.

The first three pictures are of the affected right eye. The last picture is the left eye that appears to be normal.
This site has been very helpful and helped me to tackle the endeavor with some confidence. I'm sorry if this is already posted somewhere, but I searched and couldnt find anything that seemed to fit completely.

If anyone has any advice or input to offer, I'd appreciate it.
Thank you!

If possible I would take these chickens back to where you got them. They may have a respiratory disease or be carriers from the farm where you bought them. If you can't take them back, you may want to cull them or at least the one who is sick while keeping the rest in quarantine.. I would not bring a carrier bird into my flock because it would endanger the other chickens even if treated with antibiotics. The sick chicken could be necropsied by your state vet if you want to go that route, to see what disease it has. It could be mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG,) or coryza (especially if there is a bad odor around the head. Both diseases make carriers for life. If you keep the 3 remaining chickens (iI wouldn't) then it would be wise to only put them with one of your chickens to see if that chicken gets sick. Sorry you are dealing with this. Here are some links to read about MG and coryza:
Thank you for taking the time to look at this and reply. I was afraid it wasnt good news and am very happy I took the recommended precautions! I will be calling the place I got them from and see about returning them.
There is always a chance that a swollen eye could be due to a peck around the eye or a sting of some sort, but it's a chance you would have to take. Most of the time there should be a little nasal discharge or a sneeze. Be sure to wash hands, change shoes, and not get anything on your clothes when handling them. The Marans looks like a sweet little pullet, too.

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