Maran Color question and Egg Color Question

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    Mar 1, 2009
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    Hey Guys new to the board and hoping someone can shed some light for me.

    I come from the background of breeding Old English bantams so I am used to breeding for color.

    I am trying to find the French Blue Wheaten Marans but the only ones I See are in the UK.

    Can I assume if I breed Blues to Wheatens I will get a % of Blue Wheatens along with the originals?

    Thanks for any information you can throw my way...
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    I am sorry, but I dont think its that simple, but cant explain why, I seem to remember reading about this and it just wasnt that simple, when I get a chance I will try and do some research on this for you.
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    As long as you understand you have to keep your color Varieties separate except for the compatible Black and Blue Varieties, otherwise you have a mixed flock and therefore mutts.
    Wheatens are Black based, Blue Wheatens are Blue based and can be penned together.
    You couldnt cross a solid Blue with a Wheaten and get a Blue Wheaten, though, just for anybody wondering how that works.

    Wheaten and Blue Wheaten genetics:

    Wheaten x Wheaten = All Wheaten

    Wheaten x Blue Wheaten = 1/2 Wheaten and 1/2 Blue Wheaten

    Blue Wheaten x Blue Wheaten = 1/2 Blue Wheaten, 1/4 Wheaten and 1/4 Splash

    Wheaten x Splash Wheaten = All Blue Wheaten

    Blue Wheaten x Splash Wheaten = 1/2 Splash Wheaten and 1/2 Blue Wheaten

    Splash Wheaten x Splash Wheaten = All Splash Wheaten
  4. blackdotte

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    Nov 18, 2008
    I you mate a solid Blue to a Wheaten you will get 50% solid Blue & 50% Black chicks,
    one of these Blues mated to a Wheaten will give about 1:64 Blue Wheaten pullets ( no cockerels will be Blue Wheaten)
    these Blue Wheaten pullets mated to a Wheaten will give 50% each Blue Wheaten & Wheaten,

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