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Hi, I got these 3 chickens approx 4 months ago as day olds. I was told the maran was definitely a hen, the other 2 wait to see.
I am thinking the maran looks like a rooster? Does anyone know what the black and brown chicken is? (Breed and hen or rooster).
Thanks, hope someone can help, Fiona
They look like mixes to me...the top bird is not a Marans...wrong color of feet.

They also look like hens to me. By now, you should be seeing saddles and hackles on any roosters, and I dont' see any evidence of those in the photos.

Lady of McCamley
This is probably a better photo of the one that was supposed to be a wheaten maran. Thanks for your post

Wondering if it was a roo because they are the first chickens we have had and I have no idea what hens should look like at this age. Two of them have quite red combs and all the things I have read say their combs should be yellowish if they are hens. I am glad to hear they are all hens. Thankyou very much for replying.The person we got them from is a bit dodgy though as they were sold to us as Marans and Wyandottes. No big deal as we love them anyway :)
Thanks for that. We can't wait for the first eggs so exciting to hear they're getting closer. No they were definitely sold to us as pure breeds. He walked us around the farm to look at all the varieties and we chose from there. I'm not that worried as they are lovely chickens, just a bit surprised. The black and white one does look very much like a silver laced Wyandotte hen but the other 2 don't look like what they should. Thanks again for your info .Fiona
Alright as the chickens get to laying age the comes are red and if any other color after that then they are sick or feeling ill .....

You have some beautiful chickens just the same and something to be proud of but if you wright down everything about
your experience whit them you will be surprised later how much you forget over time .....

Good luck in all your poultry ventures ....

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