Marans Rooster (Please Help Me ID Color and Type)

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Apr 24, 2013
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Please help me identify my Marans rooster color and type. He was bought from a breeder who sold him as a blue copper Marans. His color is wrong for that, but I am wondering if he is another type altogether. When I got him, I also bought 4 blue copper Marans hens for breeding purposes. They look appropriate for the breed and color but I want to be a responsible breeder and only breed them if they will produce good offspring together. All information about him... what he is and what his offspring are likely to be with true blue copper Marans females is greatly appreciated. Below are some pictures of him now at about 22 weeks and some from about a month and a half ago. I think he is gorgeous.

Here are some pics about a month and a half ago...

also waiting to see what others say. He looks like a birchen with tons of red leakage. if you don't get much response here you might go to the breeds/genetics/showing section and post on a Marans thread there.

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