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JAK Rabbitry

10 Years
May 22, 2009
Freedom, PA - Pittsburgh area
So I attempted to order some peeps from Macmurray, well we couldn't tell them apart from the silver laced wyandottes my friend ordered along with mine and then the possibilities I kept were 'played with' by a cat that snuck into my house. So i'm down to 4 peeps, the hatchery is out of birds, 2 of my peeps are another breed, and I was really looking forward to having them this summer. And I can't find them anywhere.

My friend is a school teacher and hatches eggs every year, and she was able to get 'certified marans' for me. But she sent me a picture of the eggs in the incubator , and I'm sure she got ripped off because the eggs look like the regular golden brown eggs I get from my golden comets. Some of them are more just of a tinted white. Bummer.

I'm goign to make my first attempt at hatching eggs next week, so I dont think I should invest in hatching eggs just yet but in the future, definitely.

So is there anyone in Western PA, Eastern Ohio, or Northern WV that has any young hens available? I'm also consider buying a pair or trio. Or, is anyone willing to ship birds to me?

Hi we have purebred French black copper marans eggs from the Wade Jeane line, c-1 pen. I bought directly from Jesse Bryant (Copperking on this BYC board)

Here's a posting that gives you a lot more information about the birds, how we pack and more.

Please do check our feedback in the system as well as the new auction system

If you would like some hatching eggs, please do pm me. I'd be honored to help.

Thanks and have a blessed day.
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