5 Years
Apr 18, 2014
Could anyone tell me what breed of marans these chicks are?? If you can tell what gender they are as well that'd be even better!
They look like they could be Blue Marans (2 right) and Black Copper Marans (left)

Too early to tell gender. Typically in Marans, the roosters get large combs quickly so they show soon.

I could tell by 2 weeks which one of mine was a male, completely certain at 4 weeks...but some take a bit longer. You should know by 6 weeks if you have a rooster by comb size and redness.

Lady of McCamley

Here's a photo of my Black Copper Marans at 4 weeks of age...the rooster is very obvious

rooster is in the can see the size of comb at 4 weeks

Here they are just hatched...all BCM

And here he is at 8 weeks

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