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Ok, I've read here that you should put marbles in the chicks water to prevent them from drowning. I have those small red waterers, so I'm having a hard time seeing how a chick could get in to drown, but I got some shiny aquarium rocks to put in. How long should I keep the marbles in the water?
From what I have read, only the first week. Once they have gotten better coordination, it should be safe. I read about one BYCer's chick drowning in the water tray in her incubator so it doesn't take much.
No need unless they are quail chicks ,or chicks that small........normal size chicken chicks NO NEED FOR MARBLES...if very small chicks like quail ,they make waterers for them also.
Thank you for this post! I put marbles in the first month for my other chicks and still have them in my 2 week chick!

I guess I can go take the marbles out lol!
Ah, good to hear. My chicks are 6 days old today and they're starting to make the water messy. It's more time consuming to clean out with the marbles. Heh - I got up this morning and 3 were sleeping on their stick roost. They are definitely getting better balance and coordination!
I will never again forget to put marbles in the water!!! I lost about 15 chicks in just a few minutes time a very costly and heartbreaking lesson to learn. I use the one gallon screw top with the red base. I added the large shiny marbles for floral arranging.
I guess , need to use chick water base, ........never lost a single chick with them, I have raised thousands. no one drown in the water.

Proper water base, guess if someone has those deep chicken water , for sure need to make it shallow some how.
For my first batch i used the gallon plastic one, not a problem, I got my lf girls at 1 week. But with my bantams i hatched I used the chick base. I can see how they could drowned in the bigger one. I just switched them to the bigger waterer at 2 1/2 weeks. Mama kept standing on the waterer and spilling it!
Yes i would think more chicks get wet from spilled water ,or leaking waterers , than getting into the waterer. Onces wet they die from chilling.

Bantam some breed are small ,could use quail waterer.

Edit to add , i keep waterers block up a little depend on chick size how high, this also helps keep the litter out. Also would keep one just laying on the base.
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