~March 30th Hatch~ Who Will Hatch With Me??? Update Post 3#

Update: As of Wednesday all but 3 eggs were developing. The other 3, I believe, are a day behind because of low tempatures since im using broodies. So far it looks like all 10 are good. Im really hoping for a Blue Fawn drake

ETA: 3,9,2010: looks like all but 2 quit
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Update 3, 25, 2010: Ive been candling these 2 eggs a lot the past week and I noticed a few days ago that the air cells appeared too large and I candled again tonight and both ducklings have eternally pipped 5 or 6 days early!!! I really hope these little preemies (sp?) are OK. Oh and in case anyone is wondering these are 100% Muscovy because Ive seen the parents (All pieds, the drakes are a blue and a black and the hens are a chocolate and a blue). Ive never hatched muscovies before but I'm pretty sure they don't internally pip that early. I can feel the paranoia coming on. Oh and I will be posting, hopefully, pip and zip pics as well as plenty of after hatch pics.

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