March BROODY hatchings- JOIN IN!!


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Sep 18, 2009
SF East Bay CA
anyone want to join...mine should be hatching on/around March 25, she is sitting on 5 breeds - 14 eggs

3 speckled sussex
3 white orpingtons
3 sicilian buttercups
3 barnevelders
2 silver laced wyandotte

Meet mabel she's a buff orpington and the most devoted broody, finally I got her off her nest at 5 days...argh
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I had to sneak a peek so I stole one egg and WOOHOO it had great veins! She has 4 pure and one mixed under her. (Spitzhauben is the only white one) I was a bit unsure because this little porcelain d'uccle broody leaves the nest every morning to chow on some scratch I throw out, but she gets back to it after a little while. She sure did get mad at me! I had to use the flashlight as a lightsaber to distract her from my hand as I slipped the egg back under her. Made me feel like DarthVAder or something, she did.
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