marek's and fowl pox question

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    Dec 30, 2014
    so i am very confused. do you really need to use the whole bottle to vax for mareks? is there some way to cut the doses? does that also apply to the fowl pox vaccine? i dont have a ton of money but i really want to start vaxing my birds for those two things since i had a lot of deaths this winter. thank you.
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    I talked to a poultry vet at MSU and he told me that you can divide the Mareks vaccine and use a toothpick to break the powder into quarters and mix it with just 50 ml of the diluent. I wasn't sure about how to divide it equally so, I called and spoke to one of the scientist that manufacture the Mareks vaccine. He was very nice and told me the Mareks powder is not suppose to be divided. He said the drug is not evenly spread on the powder cake so if you divide it, one part might have more of the drug than another part so, some chicks might get more than they should get and some won't enough. He also said that once the diluent is opened or pierced it should be tossed and not saved for later. Ok so, then I asked him if I could use a small 25ga needle for the day old chicks? He said No and not to use a needle smaller than 22ga because it would split the drugs molecules or something bad. So, my advice is order 3 extra of the diluent for the Mareks vaccine IF you plan to divide it.
    I don't know about the Pox vaccine.

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