Marek's Disease & Coccidiosis Vaccines?


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I will be purchasing some chicks from my local feed store this Spring. They do not vaccinate but I want my chicks to have the two vaccines. Is there any way to purchase the vaccines and administer them yourself? Or must you have a vet do it and that is why I can not find a supplier online?
Hi -- I just looked into this because I have to re vaccinate a hen that I think might have Marek's (she was supposedly vaccinated at the hatchery -- supposedly if you re vaccinate it will stop the course of the disease). You can buy the vaccine online at First State Vet Supply ( You have to get a chiller to have it sent, it needs to stay cold. Once you mix it, you have an hour to use it. It is about 20$ for the vaccine, I don't know how much the chiller is. Also, sometimes the feed stores will give the vaccinations if they have baby chicks, so check with your local Tractor Supply -- that way you don't have to buy a whole bottle.
The feed store where I'm purchasing my chicks does not vaccinate.
That's why I was looking into doing it myself. The Marek's disease vaccine I think is affordable, however, the Cocci vaccine just isn't realistic for how many chicks I'm going to vaccinate. I really didn't want to purchase my chicks at Tractor Supply but if they vaccinate maybe that is the best place to get them.
Thank you greenacresinNE for responding and thank you Miss Lydia for bumping me!
Your best bet would to buy your chicks from a place that gives them the necessary shots - I would think that a place selling chicks should know the necessity of vacinating them - why go through the trouble of doing it yourself -
hi yes I vaccinated my own. you can purchase the vaccines online and administer them yourself. usually the younger the better for vaccine especially Marek's vaccine! I never gave the cocci vaccine myself so I don't know much about it. but yes you surely can do a home vaccination process! I still have two more I want to give myself but so far I've given Marek's and coryza. corzya is a two part vaccine given a month apart. no reason why you can't do it at home. its best to do them really young before they are exposed to anything! or vaccinate from hatchery. I got my chicks from a private breeder of a NPIP ( national poultry improvement plan) flock. so I had to vaccinate myself because they were not done there. only tested for several diseases. but not vaccinated. its easiest and cheaper to get them form a hatchery and have them vaccinated there but if that's not possible then yes do it at home! good luck and best wishes. and yes Marek's can be given at any time but younger the better before exposure
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I have given my chickens all Mareks vacc. as adult birds, Vet at MSU says it only works on day old to 1 week old chicks, reason being they need to be vaccinated before, coming it contact. vacc. does not stop the disease but can make the symptoms lighter. You can buy the vacc. and give it yourself, it is easy to administer. many hatcherys offer vacc. and I always order from them now that I have experienced Mareks, My first birds were treated the younger ones were not. It took me 2yrs and a necropsy to figure out what was going on. The vac. cost about $35. and is well worth it. There are several places on line that sell the vacc. I have not found it at TSC or FFH
Some state University's do necropsy rather cheap. but here in Mi.. it cost $80 to $90 .

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