Marek's disease - is it too late for the rest of my chickens?


May 24, 2015
My chickens had the Marek's vaccination as chicks. For months now, I've had a young adult hen with a cloudy blue pupil (where she is clearly blind in), and another eye with an oddly-shaped pupil. I'm told that these are classic signs of ocular Marek's.

Even though she has had a weird eye problem for most of her life (she is almost a year old), the cloudiness seems to be more apparent during the past two weeks, and she has had some behavioral changes: a bit of weight loss and a lethargic attitude. she has not been keeping up with the flock when I let them outside, her tail leans to one side, and she has been yawning and closing her eyes a lot.

I regret not pulling her out of the coop and isolating her sooner, but I feel as though it would be too late anyway, and that the disease is already in the soil and passed onto the others.

could it be possible that the others are silent carriers of it? Would it make a difference if I kept the sick chicken separate?

The other chickens seem perfectly healthy

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My knowledge of Marek's is limited and to the ocular form even less. There are some great Marek's threads on here, if you put that in the search box they will pop up. Please post on them for the best advice. I do think when there are survivors, they will carry Mareks for life but, be unaffected by it. I would double check that out, though.
Hoping for the best possible outcome for your birds.

I see you are off line. It's impossible for us to reach you when you go offline. This makes it sad in times of real, minute by minute emergencies.

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Hi :welcome

Glad you could join the flock! Sorry to hear you are trouble with one of your hens. I too am limited in my knowledge in mareks as I've never had it my flock but had read up on it. I have read that even though chicks are vaccinated there is still the chance of 1 in 1000 chicks will still develop the disease. Here is an article on it with lots of other helpful links ~
Here is a thread on mareks too ~

Good luck and I hope you get lots more answers from the mareks thread :frow

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